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Coquettish meets Decadence

Coquettish meets decadence.

She can't stand this heat

Throbbing, glazed and beautiful, melting in sweetness and pain

She try to keep her form with the overwear



The story of the collection begins with white, the symbol of innocence. The white story uses many ribbons, but we did not add color, but changed the material and treated the hem edge in a cut-off style to show the pure threads of the heart becoming subtly frayed. The piece is completed by layering all the white to create 2LOOKs. This is the initial stage of tearing into a beautifully glossy coquettish.



Moving on to the COFFEE story, various shades of COFFEE can be seen as the original white fabric and slightly colored beige fabric are dyed. The colors show the confusion as she tries to go back to white and beyond. Here, the design of the fabric tear is reduced and ribbons are used more to show her struggle to hold her heart and mind together. The dyeing is done in a subtle and uneven manner, so you can enjoy the texture of the hand-dyeing.



SUMI, the final stage in which coquettish is dyed into decadence, dyes all the whites into an almost gray color with sumi ink. She is completely melted into decadence. The skirt and ribbons are cut out of randomly wrinkled chiffon fabric, and the delicate heart is beautifully hazy and melting and sludge-like in the process of melting into overwear. Each piece is also individually hand-dyed unevenly in the atelier and treated for color stoppage.

About ribbons:

The overall use of many ribbons is not only to show the cuteness and purity of ribbons, but also to show the bonds and wishes in our hearts.

For this reason, there are many pieces in this collection that can be connected with other ribbons and coordinated as one piece. Various ways of coordination can be discovered, and SOEUR tokyo can be coordinated both on the skin and on clothing. For this 24AW collection, all the pieces can be stacked and cut to form a single dress. Please enjoy the storytelling as you take in the various design specifications such as the texture of the fabric, uneven dyeing, and fraying of the threads.


overwear collection by SOEUR tokyo