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Lune des maux


夏目漱石が「月が綺麗ですね」と言ったのは有名だが、これは日本人の控えめな性格を表す比喩的な愛を伝える文章である。一方、ボードレールは月を逆の意味でとらえ、月を題材にした詩は悲しみに満ちている。二人の月に対する正反対のヴィジョンを白黒のコレクションで表現したものだ。フランス語のLune des MauxはSorrow Moonに近いかもしれない。


このコレクションのドレッシーなスタイルは、漱石とボードレールが生きた19世紀の衣服からインスパイアされたもので、SOEUR tokyoのオーバーウェアに昇華され、調整可能でフレキシブルな組み合わせが可能なアイテムに仕上がっている。テキスタイルにはストレッチ素材を使用し、等間隔にギャザーを寄せて一枚一枚縫製しているため、開いた時の表情が異なる。




The inspiration for this 24SS collection is the moon in Soseki Natsume and Charles Baudelaire writings.

Soseki Natsume is well-known to have said: “The moon is beautiful”, the actual meaning

 is “I love you. ” This is a figurative sentence that expresses the reserved nature of the Japanese people. Baudelaire, on the other hand, sees the moon in the opposite way, and his poems about the moon are full of sorrow. It’s a black-and-white collection representation of their opposite vision of the moon. The Lune des Maux in English could be close to the Sorrow Moon.


This collection’s dressy style is inspired by the 19th century clothing in which Soseki and Baudelaire lived, and is sublimated into SOEUR tokyo’s overwear, creating pieces that can be adjusted and flexibly combined. The textile is made of stretch fabric, sewn one by one with evenly spaced gathers, so that it looks different when opened.

Through this collection, we aim to express your unique romanticism and share your self-expression, the moon traveling through the night.

Either you are in Tokyo adumbrating the moon through the words of Soseki Natsume or in Paris reading Baudelaire’s poetry about his mind full of sorrow, the collection could speak to all of us in terms of conflictual passions.

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